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Music for God and Country

Here in Austin, the orchestra I direct is preparing a patriotic concert which we'll be presenting towards the end of June. It's an opportunity not only to celebrate the blessings of living in America, but also to encourage prayer for our country and our leaders.

There are several selections from our website listings that I want to call your attention to, in case you may also have a need for patriotic music: God Bless America – A new arrangement of the chorus only of this "second national anthem," arranged for several options ... a cappella choir, instrumental ensemble only (or band or orchestra), or vocals with instrumental accompaniment (ideal for congregational singing). God of Our Fathers (with Faith of Our Fathers) – Scored for church orchestra. Marine's Hymn (with Semper Fidelis) – Duet for clarinet and cello (opt. bassoon or bass clarinet), with optional piano accompaniment. A Noble Calling – March for concert band/orchestra (based on a composition by my great-great grandfather, Christopher Philip Winkler!). Prelude: 49th Parallel – Originally from a World War II era film, this beautiful chorale-like piece by Ralph Vaughan Williams has been arranged for concert band, with optional strings.

Are you planning any special patriotic music presentations? I'd love to hear about it.

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