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The Biblical Foundations of Instrumental Worship

It's a good idea every once in a while to stop and ask ourselves, "Why do we do what we do? And does the Bible have anything to say about it?" This month I want to recommend a resource by a longtime friend of mine, Brian Hedrick. Brian serves as the orchestra director at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia. He's written a wonderful little book (which was actually his doctoral thesis) titled The Biblical Foundations of Instrumental Music in Worship. In this book, Brian presents four "pillars" of instrumental worship, citing both Old Testament and New Testament references. To order a copy, visit Brian's website.

On his website you can also access a short lecture here, in which he presents much of the material from the book. Brian shares some excellent ideas in the blog section of his website.

Let me recommend also "The Handbook" that Brian offers as a free download, which has lots of great ideas about organizing and maintaining a church instrumental music ministry.

What resources have you found which have been helpful to you in your instrumental music ministry? I would be interested to hear your comments or questions.

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