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Articles About Instrumental Music

"A Summary of Chord Types" — From the index of David Winkler's book Chord Symbols: A Guide to Interpretation, a listing of over 40 chord types, with each chord illustrated.

"Sumario de Tipos de Acordes" — "A Summary of Chord Types" in Spanish.

"Consider a Commission" — One of the options to think about when looking for  arrangements for your instrumentalists.

"Copyright: The Spirit and Letter of the Law" Helpful information on how to deal with copyright regulations in the church setting.

"Creating String Reduction Parts"— Explains in a step-by-step process how to create a complete-sounding yet playable part for your string keyboard player.

"Gabriel and the Trumpet" — In the CIDA Newsletter, Mar. 2001. Gives the Biblical background for the assumption that Gabriel is the angelic horn-blower.

"Guidelines for Writing Second Violin Parts" — For church orchestras which have string players, typically the second violin players need parts which are easier to play than the firsts. This article offers some suggestions to orchestrators to help fulfill this special need.

"Instrumental Music Ministry in the Smaller Church" Originally published in the Sept./Oct. 2001 issue of Creator magazine, now available as a digital download from the Creator website.  Click here to access the article (and scroll down to find mine). There is a nominal fee for this article, but hopefully you'll find the information worth the cost! Listed are lots of ideas for using instruments in situations where large groups of players are not present, or for larger ministries that need ideas for solos and ensembles. Included is analysis of a number of orchestrated hymnals.

"Integrating Keyboards with the Church Orchestra" — This is a chapter in the book The Instrumental Resource for Church and School (Church Street Press). A small part of an excellent book which should be in every director's library! In this chapter, I discuss the role of keyboard players in a church music ministry which includes other instruments. I also contributed to a chapter on using rhythm section.  Originally available from Lifeway Christian Resources, this book is now out of print, but you should be able to obtain a copy through
ISBN# 0-6330-0490-1


"Making the Right Choices: Finding the Instrumental Music You Need Helpful hints on how to choose music for your instrumentalists.

"New Instrumental Sounds in Church Music" Originally published in the July/Aug./Sept. 1994 edition of The Church Musician.

"Reading Bass Clef Parts for an Eb Treble Clef Instrument"There's a neat little trick that E-flat instruments (alto clarinet, baritone sax, and contrabass clarinet) can use to be able to read bass clef parts at the correct pitch. This one-page explanation will tell you how to do it.

"The Bass Section in the Church Orchestra" — the CIDA Newsletter, Dec. 2000.

"The Rhythm Section-Based Orchestra" — Originally published in the book Orchestral Concepts in Today's Church, copyright 1991 Convention Press. Helpful in understanding the different instruments of the rhythm section and how they work together.

"Writing Effectively for the Pedal Harp as a Part of the Church Orchestra" — tips for composer and arrangers to aid in writing for this wonderful but somewhat complicated instrument.


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