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Music for Piano

Although I officially began piano lessons at the age of eight, I have been drawn to the keyboard all of my life. My grandparents had a baby grand piano in their home and, as a young child, whenever we'd go to visit them, I would bang on the keys with great delight. (Somewhere I have an old black and white photograph of me in diapers doing this!) Although I played French horn in high school band and have picked up other instruments along the way, piano will always be my personal favorite.

I’ve enjoyed accompanying choirs, vocal and instrumental soloists, and playing with orchestras such as the Nashville Praise Symphony. And I’ve been a piano teacher for many people, both young and old. In my publishing work, I write and edit a lot of piano parts, and a “signature” of many of my church orchestra arrangements is that the piano often plays a substantial role.

If you’re a pianist or director who works with an accompanist, be sure to check out my

Music for Keyboard page. Also, if you’re a piano teacher, you may be interested in the Instructional Books I‘ve written, as well as the Piano Technic pages offered on our Free Music page. Finally, you might find helpful a couple of pieces posted in Articles About Instrumental Music: “Integrating Keyboards with the Church Orchestra” and “The Rhythm Section-Based Orchestra.”

I would love to hear about your experience with the piano. What types of music do you most enjoy playing (or listening to), and what types would you like to see more of? Write me at

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