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Concert Band

The following selections are arranged for
full concert band, with optional parts for strings included.

A Noble Calling

A Noble Calling  Concert march by Christopher Philip Winkler, arranged by David Winkler. My great-great-grandfather wrote this piece for organ, and almost 100 years later I scored it for concert band! Later I added string parts so that the piece could be played by orchestra. It's in the mode of a Sousa march, and would work well for a community concert or patriotic program.

VIEW the sample score of the orchestra version (the band version is exactly the same, minus the strings).

A Noble Calling - Christian Brothers Band
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Prelude: "49th Parallel"

Prelude: "49th Parallel"  A beautiful, chorale-like piece by the famous classical composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, which served as the title soundtrack for a British film produced during World War II. Scored for concert band, with optional strings and keyboard. Included in the Texas UIL Grade 3 Prescribed Music List (code # 100-3-33265).

VIEW the conductor's score (concert band version)

Prelude: "49th Parallel" -
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BUY a digital download of the score and all parts, including strings and keyboard. $85.00

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