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What others are saying about us...

"Love your arrangements and have used many with my orchestra over the years."  S.C., Georgia

"Your arrangements are a mainstay for us here. Thanks for providing us
with such enjoyable music to program and play!"  M.S., Ohio

“Man, you have written some awesome music charts!”  H.B., North Carolina

“Your arrangements are ALWAYS a huge success and so well received by our people.  I especially appreciate your scoring and understanding of the
different instrumental voices and their respective strengths and
weaknesses.”  C.N., Alabama

"Your music is a blessing to our orchestra!"  C.R., North Carolina

"Your music really works well and is some of the best stuff we play."  B.P., Georgia

"Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your arrangements over the years.  Love the creativity ... not too flashy or distracting ... a good balance that draws people to worship." 

T.P., Florida

"I spend lots of time listening to arrangements ... Yours always come out on top for me.  Praise God for the gift He has given you."  J.T., California

"I have a small but mighty group of talented musicians to work with, and your arrangements work nicely!" 

C.M., Pennsylvania  

"We are grateful to God for you and your contribution to many orchestras in America and I'm sure around the world!"

K.R., California

"Your arrangements always work well with my small yet talented church ensemble. Unfortunately, sometimes other composers are flashy but not musical. Musicality and expression are number one with me."

A.M., Florida

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