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Instruments with Congregational Worship

Psalm 150 is the classic scripture inviting "everything that has breath" to praise the Lord, with the accompaniment of all types of musical instruments. While there is a purity and a great beauty in a cappella singing, there's also nothing like the exciting sounds that instruments can add to a congregation lifting their voices in worship. A page on our website, Orchestrated Hymns and Choruses, lists a number of resources for this purpose, some available from publishers, and some directly from us. Included are the infamous "Pseudomodulations," a unique way of adding a little extra energy going into the last verse of a hymn. Also, the "Colossians 3:16 Project" is now available again after many years of being out-of-print. Also on that webpage (and linked here) is a downloadable PDF list of hymnal orchestrations I've done throughout the years. The newest pieces I've done have been for LifeWay Worship, where you can find downloadable orchestrations for many current worship songs.I would love to hear how you use instruments to accompany congregational singing. Write me at

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