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What's on your mind these days?

I enjoy hearing from those of you who are involved in music ministry! Whether you're using my music or not, and whether you are leading vocal or instrumental music (or both), or you're just an individual musician, I'm always interested to hear your story about where you are serving. What type of groups do you conduct or play in? What music have you done lately that worked really well for you? What type of music do you need more of? What challenges are you facing, or what are you praying about regarding your music ministry? I hope you'll take a few moments and share your thoughts with me. As always, you can reach me at Or if you'd like to speak by telephone, feel free to call me at (615)415-8738.

Christmas is coming! If you need some ideas for Christmas music, please visit our web page highlighting that section of our catalog. Here's the URL: You'll find a variety of pieces listed for many different vocal and instrumental combinations. Note that I am also available should you need a special piece written for your particular situation.

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