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More Books ... Biographies

I love a good biography.  To read about the life of an accomplished person can be very inspiring.  Here are some that I've enjoyed that feature a variety of musical personalities:

Messiah - A New Look at the Composer, the Music, and the Message by N.A. Woychuk.  A detailed study of Handel and his composition of Messiah, from a Christian worldview.  Available from Scripture Memory Fellowship.

Musical Stages by Richard Rodgers. A fascinating autobiography of one of America's greatest composers in the popular field (think "Rodgers and Hammerstein").

Glorious Is Thy Name - B.B. McKinney: The Man and His Music by Robert Hastings.

B.B. McKinney is well-known among Baptists for the hymns he wrote, such as "Glorious Is Thy Name" and "Have Faith in God."  He was also an outstanding leader in the world of church music during the middle part of the 20th century, and was the first director of what is now known as Lifeway Worship.

He's Everything to Me by Ralph Carmichael. Known for his innovative approach to Christian music, Ralph Carmichael was prominent in both secular and sacred genres. This autobiography was published in 1986 (Ralph today is age 92).

Rich Mullins - an Arrow Pointing to Heaven by James Bryan Smith.  Rich Mullins was one of the most successful singer/songwriters during the early days of contemporary Christian music, yet he remained a humble servant of God.  

Do you have any favorites to add to this list?  Write me and let me know!


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