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Small Ensemble Arrangements

What a challenge this past year has been for those of us involved in church music ministry! For most of us, our larger choral and instrumental groups have been shut down. But a silver lining to this dark cloud is that it has given the opportunity to develop smaller ensembles. These types of groups can rehearse and perform in a more physically distanced environment, and also have the advantage of being more mobile when used in ministry outreach situations.

Our website features four categories of music for instrumental ensembles:

"Celtic Hymns" — arrangements for a group consisting of strings, woodwinds, and light rhythm section Brass ensembles and jazz combo Woodwind, string, and percussion ensembles Mixed ensemble formats

Also, I've done a number of instrumental accompaniments to choral anthems, scored for smaller ensemble groupings. Here's a list which includes those titles.

Finally, we just released a new arrangement for orchestra, based on the great hymn, "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty." This is the fifth title in our "Modern Worship Orchestra Series."


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