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Fellow Musicians

Music for brass ensemble, solo, piano, and other combinations of instruments. Site managed by Jeff Anderson.

The Wolaver "family band" is unlike anything you've ever heard! Their music is an eclectic blend of classical, bluegrass, gospel and jazz, presented in an artistically excellent and spiritually uplifting manner. I've had the privilege of working with them at their Fine Arts Summer Academy, a two-week event for children and youth.

Fun and upbeat music from Tom Payne.

Bruce Wethey (violin) and Lisa LaCross (flute) are a dynamic husband and wife duo, outstanding in their musicianship and inspiring in their Christian testimony. Invite them to your church or organization — you will be blessed! Be sure to check out "Watch Bruce and Lisa on TV" on their website to see some of their unique on-stage chemistry.

Online catalog of Camp Kirkland's choral and instrumental music.

Dan Goeller has written some wonderful and beautiful arrangements for orchestra, many in collaboration with David Huntsinger, one of Nashville's top studio pianists.

Back in 1982, I founded a publishing company called Psalm 150 Publications to help provide instrumental music for churches and Christian schools. David E. Smith is now the owner of that business, and I highly recommend him as a music source, not only for Psalm 150, but for many other companies as well.

My good friends Dennis and Nan Allen are tops in writing great songs and arrangements for adult, youth, and children's choir, plus drama and dinner theater presentations to communicate the good news in creative ways.

Calvin Bolton has some useful music for church orchestra, including some unique pieces for percussion.

I've had the privilege of collaborating with Fletch on a number of solo instrumental projects for Word Music (two of which were nominated for Dove Awards). He is a master player of both the trumpet and flute, and excels in jazz improvisation. Brian Hedrick has written an excellent book titled, The Biblical Foundations of instrumental Music in Worship, and also a new book, Music of Darkness: The Peril of Worshiping the Creation Over the Creator.  He also has shares many thoughtful ideas in the blog section of his website.

Church orchestra music from Jeff Cranfill.
John is a veteran church orchestra director / minister who has been an inspiration to many.  Be sure to check out his warm-up books for brass.

Ken Barker, a veteran in the publishing industry (previously senior editor for Word Music and Lifeway Worship), has teamed up with John Purifoy to offer arrangements for piano, as well as instrumental solos and vocal solos.
Richie Kingsmore is a longtime friend and greatly talented as an arranger of both choral and instrumental music.  Of special note is his "NextGen" orchestra series.

Information and insight on one of the top arrangers and Christian songwriters in Nashville. Be sure to check out his book, The Craft of Christian Songwriting.

A great source for hard-to-find and out-of-print orchestrations.
Steve Dunn has written some terrific arrangements over the years for church orchestra and other combinations.

Web site for David Arivett and the Christian Jazz Artists Network.

Other Music-Related Sites
A one-stop shopping place for instrumental music from a number of self-published arrangers.

Creator magazine is an excellent resource for music and worship ministries, taking a unique balanced approach with lots of helpful articles and information. Bimonthly magazine plus online resources.

Participate in exciting international mission tours with other talented church instrumentalists.

The Nashville Praise Symphony is a 50-piece orchestra of some of the best church players in the middle Tennessee area. I had the privilege of playing the piano and being involved in the leadership of the group for a number of years.

A Bible mini-book of some of the most well-known sayings of Jesus.  An eBook version is also available in several different languages.

Samaritan Ministries is a Christian alternative to traditional health insurance. Check the website for a full description.

Scripture Memory Fellowship has a system for memorizing Scripture for every age. Of interest to musicians also are two books published by SMF – one, a biography of the hymn writer Isaac Watts, and the other, a scriptural analysis of Handel's Messiah.

WORLD Magazine is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand current events from a Christian worldview. Be sure to check out WORLD News Group's daily podcast, "The World and Everything In It."

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