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How's Your Music Ministry Going?

Here in central Texas it's finally getting "cool" (a little rain to break the drought, and only 80-something during the day rather than 90- or 100-something).

So how is your music ministry going this fall? I hope that some of our music can be helpful to you. Just about everything on our website was created for "real" church musicians, singers and players who give of their time and talent to honor the Lord, and I hope you can tell that whenever you play or sing one of my arrangements!

Besides numerous publications, I am also available to help with various special needs you may have. Perhaps you need:

♫ a song put into written form when all you have is a lyric sheet and a recording ♫ an orchestration or choral arrangement ♫ supplemental parts created or existing parts revised to make an orchestration fit your group ♫ a special piece for a particular event (church anniversary, memorial commission, wedding, etc.) ♫ someone to come in and guest-conduct or consult with you regarding your music ministry I would love to be your "go to" guy for any of these needs!

Just contact me at, or give me a call at (615) 415-8738.


NEW PIECE FOR ORCHESTRA I may have mentioned already, but let me once again tell you about a new piece I have for orchestra, published by Brentwood-Benson ... the popular worship song, "What a Beautiful Name." It's part of the new Benson Concert Band Series.

Don't let that label throw you ... it's really concert band plus rhythm with optional strings, so it ends up being very similar to a typical church orchestra instrumentation, except that the sax parts don't double other parts completely. I hope you'll check it out at the link below and consider it for use with your orchestra.


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