Music From Cuba !

On this page you'll find some wonderful music which I discovered on a couple of mission trips I took to Cuba several years ago.


All of the songs (in Spanish) were written by composers from Havana.


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Alabanza Cubana Songbook - Cuban Praise

Santo es Jehová (Holy is the Lord). Beautiful song of worship, scored for SATB a cappella.

Santo es Jehová (Coro) -
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Buy the choral part  99¢  Please pay for as many as you plan to reproduce.  


Su Nombre es Jehová (Your Name is Jehovah). Very popular and singable worship song. The choir sings unison on this one.

Su Nombre Es Jehová -
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Buy the choral part  $1.99  Please pay for as many as you plan to reproduce.  


Alabanza Cubana para Instrumentos (Cuban Praise for Instruments). Ten songs from the Alabanza Cubana hymnal, scored for solo instrument with piano or track accompaniment. Parts are included for C treble clef, B-flat treble clef, E-flat, F, and Bass Clef instruments. A few of the songs have an optional duet line, or with some creative part assignments could be done by more than one instrument.  

Cuban Praise for Instruments -
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Buy the mp3 accompaniment tracks (all 10 titles included)  $19.95