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Musical Services

The occasion may arise when the music you need for a particular application isn't available in any published form. Perhaps writing music isn't part of your skill set, or you lack the time to do so. Part of my work involves helping people with such needs. For instance, here are some custom projects I've done within the past couple of years: — Created a string quartet accompaniment for a wedding song, for use in a venue where keyboard wasn't available — Re-scored the alma mater and fight song for a local high school band — Reworked a section of a published arrangement of mine for an orchestra that had an unusual instrumentation — Transcribed a piano solo for use in an independent Christian film

— Composed a short fanfare to lead into an existing arrangement for orchestra, for a Christmas program

— Wrote a violin obbligato part to accompany a vocal solo

— Transcribed a jazz solo from a recording, for use by a trumpet player

— Helped a songwriter put her song into written form

— Composed some keyboard pieces to underscore the narration for a church musical production —Reviewed a score of an orchestra piece for an arranger and offered some suggestions for improvement — Edited a Finale score written by a church orchestra director and finished the part extraction process I would love to be your "go to" guy, whether your project is large or small! For more information, please see the Musical Services section of my website. For a more detailed discussion, see my article titled "Consider a Commission." Christmas is coming soon! If you need some last-minute music for the season, please check out the Christmas page of my website. God bless you ... see you in 2019!

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