• David Winkler

With the COVID slowdown, I’ve had time for several creative efforts.  Here are some brand new pieces for your consideration:

His Mercy Is More Popular worship song by Boswell and Papa, arranged for church orchestra.

King of My Heart Also arranged for orchestra, would make a great service opener.

Good Christian Men, Rejoice (Pastorale on "In Dulci Jubilo") Christmas carol, arranged for solo instrument with keyboard.

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming Duet for two lower-pitched instruments, with piano.

Yet Not I, But Through Christ in Me – taken directly from the recording by CityAlight, this beautiful song has been arranged for choir, worship team and/or congregation, with optional orchestration.

Last, but not least ...

I’m very excited about this new project!  Craig Duncan is a multi-instrumentalist from Nashville who has produced a number of very listenable recordings for Green Hill Music.

I’ve taken 12 of Craig’s “Celtic” arrangements and adapted them for church players. These may be performed by only four players: one violin, one flute, piano and guitar.  However, parts are included for full woodwind and string sections, plus a lead sheet for any folk instruments you may want to have join in. The music is fun to play and enjoyable for audiences of all ages. I encourage you to give these a listen!

Find more recently-created pieces in the What’s New? section of our website.

  • David Winkler

What a challenging year this has been thus far! For some, it has been mainly an inconvenience: having to wear masks, keeping physical distancing, not being able to go out to eat, etc. For others, it has been difficult, even tragic, as people have died or suffered greatly from the virus itself.

Students (and parents) have had to adjust to new school situations, and lots of folks are working at home. Some are doing fine financially, some even prospering, but others have lost work and are in dire straits.

At my church in Austin, we've been meeting since June for social-distanced services, with only a worship band and a few singers onstage, and much of our congregation is still watching services online.There are no other activities besides Sunday morning worship, and the church offices are closed during the week. Our pastor said last Sunday, "Even after this virus is over, things are never going to be the same." Very likely, many things will be quite different for our churches, businesses, schools, and other parts of our society.

Most of you reading this are involved in church music ministry of some kind. In my case, the orchestra I direct has not met for rehearsal since March 11. That's almost a half a year gone, and I'm still not quite sure when we will begin meeting again. No rehearsals and no playing in services means no new music purchased, and here we come to the main thing I want to bring to your attention.

No new music purchased means that church music publishers are really struggling these days. Like any business, publishers have to make a profit so that they can continue operations. Because of the current crisis, many have drastically slowed or even stopped the production of new music. Staff are being let go, and office leases are being cancelled. I personally know of two very capable veteran music editors who have lost their jobs in the last couple of months. Those of us who are freelancers are also caught in this dilemma.

All this to say ... pray for our publishers. Most that I know are in the business to help provide resources for church music ministries, with the ultimate goal being to make disciples and build up the kingdom of God. Their heart is to fulfill the oft-repeated scriptural admonition to "sing to the Lord a new song." So pray for them ... and if you're able to buy some new music at this time, please consider doing so.

  • David Winkler

Besides accompanying congregational singing, probably the most utilized function of the church orchestra is to accompany anthems sung by the choir. The addition of orchestral instrumentation adds much color and interest to almost any choral performance.

I want to call your attention to our web page, "Orchestrations to Choral Works."

At the top of that page, if you click on the link in the blue box, you'll see a list of dozens of choral anthems I've orchestrated, some for full orchestra, and others for smaller accompanying groups.

It's been a blessing to have the opportunity to collaborate with a number of choral writers to create something to enhance the music they have composed. Here are a few examples for your listening pleasure:

FAITHFUL SERVANT (Cindy Berry) - Full Orchestra

A PSALM OF PRAISE (Benjamin Harlan) Brass and Percussion

CHRIST IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN INDEED (Keith Getty) "Celtic" ensemble

If you're looking for a hard-to-find orchestration, sometimes I may know of a source to recommend, even if it's not something I've written.  I am also available to write what you may need on a commission basis, so please contact me if I can help you in any way!