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Christmas is a key time of the year for those of us who believe in Jesus to shine the light of the gospel! Despite all the secular trappings of the holiday that seem to increase every year, the true "reason for the season" cannot be obliterated.

Playing and singing Christmas-themed music is one of the most effective ways that believers can proclaim the good news of Jesus. With this in mind, we have just released two volumes of the "Instrumental Caroling Series."

These easy, flexible-instrumentation arrangements can be used in a variety of situations in and outside of the church walls. We used all of these arrangements last year with a little wind band I conduct at my church here in Austin, so they have been thoroughly field-tested! I encourage you to check them out and obtain them for your players.

Also new this year is a novelty piece called "The Seven Days of Christmas ("The 12 Days" abbreviated)" and an arrangement of "O Holy Night" which features a trio of wind instruments accompanied by a string orchestra. In addition, we have many other pieces for the Christmas season, listed at this link.

I would love to hear about your plans for this coming Christmas, and what you will be doing with your instrumentalists! Write me at

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