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Christopher Philip Winkler

This page is devoted to the memory of my great-great grandfather, Christopher Philip Winkler (1824-1913).

He was born in 1824 in the southern Germany region of Bavaria, and came to America in 1840 at the age of 16. After teaching for several years at a women’s college in Jackson, Tennessee, he married one of his former students, a young lady from the Memphis area. There he became one of the leading musicians in the city, working for almost 50 years as a church musician, teacher, conductor, and composer. His life has been a great inspiration to me, as mine has followed a similar career path.

To read about his life in more detail, please click here.

In 2023, after many years of preparation, I was able to produce a recording of many of his compositions.


Titled “Recollections of Memphis – Music of C.P. Winkler,” the CD includes 21 pieces for solo piano and solo guitar, plus several songs for solo voice and for vocal ensemble.

Program notes for the recording are available here.

To hear audio selections, click here.


To order a copy, please e-mail me for details.  The recordings may also be accessed on streaming services such as Amazon Music, YouTube, and Spotify, and digital downloads may be purchased from iTunes.


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